From the editor's desk

The world around us is changing in profound ways. Both, the way men think and machines work, is being redefined at every step.

Millennial’s are on a different frequency altogether. The way they look at life and work is not remotely akin to what we are used to. If you thought becoming a CEO under 40 was a big deal, you are mistaken. The new mantra: After school, start your own thing. Fueled by the internet, the power of the individual has acquired a new dimension. Ironically, there are fewer iconic leaders, but everyone has followers. Alcoholism, drug-abuse is passé – the new threat is digital addiction which is predicted to be the next big health hazard.

In the world of academics after an era dominated by science, research and innovation is increasingly relying on math. Today’s innovations are around developing algorithms for everything from space missions to dating online. Our lives are being dictated by complex equations.

As for the world of business, big companies are being challenged by small and unknown entities. Competition is cropping up from where it’s least expected – banks are threatened by telcos, telcos by mobile apps, and so on. If men are losing jobs to 3D printers in making toys, chocolates, jewellery and auto parts, robots are not just making headway in large industrial factories but also threatening to take jobs away from hitherto low-cost countries like India and Philippines. The business food chain is being altered alarmingly.

Clearly, today's leaders have to recognize these changes, big and small, to remain relevant in business. That’s not enough though. Equally important is to recognize the values and principles that have stood the test of time, apart from the laws of economics that are meant to endure. A great business leader needs to recognize not just the points of change but also the points of continuity to stay on top. Outlook Business Leading Edge is a platform for business leaders to share their knowledge and experience on both these counts.

What to expect at Outlook Business Leading Edge

Outlook Business Leading Edge 2019 is a half a day event conceived for business leaders. Apart from a perspective on the economic environment prevailing in the country today, one can expect to gain from the insights on leadership challenges by some very accomplished global management thinkers and CEOs of some India’s leading companies. A bunch of new-age Indian entrepreneurs who have built their businesses to scale reflect on the rough patches in the journey and how they rode the success.